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Welcome to the Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia

Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) is an important integral part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as the origin of both comes from a long history. The belief that Medicine is first developed by Saints reflects the experiences and successes accumulated in the mankind history of hunting for food and fighting against diseases by different gens. It is said that FU XI, one of the three emperors in ancient China, created Nine Kinds of Needles, while Emperor Yan (Sheng Nong) first discovered herbal medicine out of experiments of tasting hundreds of herbal plants, and Huang Di (Yellow Emperor) is the creator of TCM from his "Canon of Internal Medicine". Fu Xi, Emperor Yan, and Huang Di were therefore referred to as the three Emperors, who were not only ancestors to the Chinese clan and culture, but also recognized as founders of acupuncture, herbal medicine and TCM.

Today, we are happy to see that Chinese medicine has been included into the National Healthcare Practitioners Registration among the 14 professions in Australia. However, due to Australia's different circumstances including cultures and legislations, the development of Chinese herbal medicine is faced with many challenges across the country. TCM is an integrative ancient medical science, as CHM works as an effective weapon in TCM treatment and prevention against diseases, while the profession of TCM guides the scientific application and appropriate use of CHM. The two is closely intertwined and can not be separated from each other. Chinese herbal medicine is unique comparing to other complementary medicines. But if we regulate and manage CHM without the TCM theory, the development of the medicine will be hindered, and in turn the efficacy of TCM will be compromised in a way both of consumers and our profession are unwilling to see.

The establishment of CMIC is therefore to build up a platform for research, education and communication, through which professional counseling will be provided to enforce industrial self-discipline and mutual help while to lobby and assist governments for a proper management of the industry. And in this manner will the Chinese traditional medicine head to an approach of sound and healthy development and finally integrate into people's daily life.

Given "Safety, Quality, Efficacy, Availability and Affordability" are our five basic values and key principles, CMIC is committed that under the guidelines of Do More, Particularly Do More of the Practical in a Low Key fashion, we will develop the business while serving the industry and the public as a whole in a more devoted way.

Max Ma

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Annual CPD day and AGM


Time : 9:00am - 17:30pm CPD (8hrs);
17:30-18:00 AGM (current members only)

Date : Sunday, 30/09/2018

Venue : Marigold Citymark (683-689 George St, Haymarket NSW 2000)

Fee charge : $50 Members; $80 non-members (including working lunch)

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